Can I come by any time or do I need an appointment?

We are often in the framing studio so call or text us to arrange a time convenient for you. To schedule a a time, please contact us at 719.460.4179 or by email,

How long will it take for me to complete a framing job?

Each piece is unique so we will determine a time frame when you drop it off. We will make every effort to accommodate your time schedule. We are also more than happy to get orders done within a certain time frame with no additional cost.

How much will my frame cost?

Until we get together and design your frame, we can provide only a rough estimate. There are a million variables to choosing a frame, including the size of the art, the frame you choose, the type of mat we use, and any other special treatments, such as museum-quality framing, shadow boxes, floating the artwork or artifact— there are many ways to show off your artwork to its best advantage. 

Can you frame a shirt/books/scarf/pair of shoes/collection of photos… etc.? 

So far, we can frame anything.

Can you match a frame that’s on other artwork I own? 

Perhaps we can but, moulding styles may be discontinued or too old to be able to track down, but we can try to find other framing to match the style.

There are so many choices, it’s overwhelming. How do I decide what frame is best? 

That’s why we’re here! Vicki has an eye for color and art. We know our election of frames, we know our mats, we know what works. We will work closely with you to make sure your artwork gets the treatment it deserves.

Why not just use a ready-made frame? I can get those for just a few bucks. 

Sure you can. Vicki used them until she realized what an incredible difference a custom frame makes to just about anything. But, sometimes that’s all you really need, and she’ll tell you if she thinks that’s the case. We even have some for you if that works best for you. But a custom frame not only sets off your artwork to its best advantage, it also protects it so it stays looking vibrant and as beautiful as ever through the years. So while a ready-made frame might be all you need for casual snapshots or inexpensive posters, for artwork or artifacts you value, a custom frame is most often the wise choice.

Why not just take it to one of the big chain stores? 

That’s always another option as well. We encourage you to shop around. We think you’ll find our prices are competitive, and you’ll get the benefit of our creativity, and a large selection of moulding and matting to choose from. (WOW factor here)


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