You need a pencil, level, tape measure, hammer or screwdriver and drill, depending upon the type of wall and hanger.

(1) Hold the framed artwork against the wall where you wish it to hang. Mark the wall at the top center of the frame with a line.

(2) Place the artwork face down. Pull the hanging wire up in two spots an even distance apart. Now measure from one of these two points to the top of the frame and make a line on the wall. Mark equal distance on each side of the center point on your new line. Install hooks at these marks.

(3) Now hang and level your picture.

Arranging Groupings

When arranging a group of artwork, the easiest way is to assemble them on the floor first. Artwork should be arranged so that together it forms a related spaceā€”as if it were one large picture.

Begin with a key item and hang it as you would a single piece. Then, use it as the starting point for hanging the remaining artwork. (2 hangers per framed item).


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