When framing these options are to be considered:

1. The decorative qualities, color, style, design, and size are your most important considerations.
2. When the preservation of your art is an important concern, the selection of framing materials and techniques will be directed toward the preservation.
3. When both the preservation of your artwork and the decorative value of the framing are equally important, you may have to make some compromises.

Why use conservation framing

• A newspaper article may have no monetary value, but significant importance to you. It is printed on paper that will discolor and become brittle relatively quickly, so uv-filtering glass may be useful in prolonging its life, or it may be better to make a color copy to frame instead. Similarly, historical documents may be best preserved by making a color copy, so that the original can be kept in an archival container away from damaging light sources and variations in temperature and humidity.
• Limited edition prints, signed by the artist, may have monetary value as a collectible or not, depending on the artist. Often, although the print may have been more expensive than an open-edition poster, the future value is uncertain. The client may decide that there is no real likelihood of increased value, but a moderate degree of preservation care is warranted because of the decorative and/or intrinsic value.

Possible uses for conservation framing

▪ Newspaper and Magazine Articles
▪ Diplomas and Certificates
▪ Maps and Charts
▪ Vintage Art
▪ Military Medals and Ribbons
▪ Historic Documents

Finding a Conservator

Most of the time the thought of finding a conservator is prompted by a disaster. Whether its restoration or conservation, your selection can have a long lasting effect.

In 1966 the flooding in Florence Italy was the disaster that prompted the art world to find a conservator. Art restoration was in the hands of the museum; the picture framer, art gallery, artist or those with general fix it experience. Since that time the conservation of art has become a serious profession. We now have schools where the conservation of art is the only subject, and ongoing research to understand how art is damaged and what can be done to prevent it.

We have a conservator, in the area that works with us to clean and help restore your art.

Mirror Framing

A mirror is a wonderful way to jazz up a space. We can custom frame a mirror according to your specifications.  Have a special vintage mirror, wall mirror, bathroom mirror that needs framing of counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, lacework, embroidery, crewel, crochet, quilts, tapestry, rugs and fiber art.

▪ Presentation Awards
▪ Posters
▪ Children’s Art
▪ Needlework
▪ Memorabilia
▪ Sports Jerseys
▪ Shadow Boxes & Plexi Boxes for 3-D Objects
▪ Box Mounting



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