Glass Options for Framing Artwork

Tru Vue ® offers four types of glass available with TruGuard ® UV Protection. All four types block a minimum of 98% of harmful UV light rays.

Anti-reflective technology with UV blocking properties

Proprietary technology improves transmission and clarity

Single-sided etched non-glare

Essential for conservation framing
Perhaps you have a very bright room in which you will display your artwork, or you intend to hang the piece opposite a window or lamp. Anytime you think reflection may become a distraction from the enjoyment of your artwork, you may want to ask for Conservation Reflection Control® Glass.

Many framers are conditioned against using reflection control glass. This is the result of the poor quality glass that has traditionally been available. These low-tech “non-glare” glasses have a highly frosted appearance because they are etched on both sides

Conservation Reflection Control ®

Glass employs etching on only one side, eliminating the reflection problem with only a subtle softening of clarity.

I have a sample of the four types of Conservation Series ® Glass over artwork and you can judge it for yourself.


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